Mental Health Advice

Before I get started, know this post isn’t inspired by the Korean drama “It’s okay not to be okay”, it does however talk about the themes related to the drama. But not just in the drama, but in real life too. How many times have we heard the words “It’s okay not to be okay”, how many times have we heard it? Did we even listen to it?

Make the Most of Your Summer Break

It’s finally summer! You finally have some time to unwind and focus on something other than homework. While you can spend your summer just “chilling,” there are also many ways that you can take advantage of your free time.

A Reflection on My Freshman Year

Written By: Najma Salad, Sophomore at The Ohio State University Newark, FLI Program Participant

During my freshman year, I overstressed myself way too much for no reason. The reason I say this is because I was scared of not making it in, and I was scared to fail which caused me a lot of anxiety...

Preparing for High School Graduation

Written By: Michelle Barrett, Junior at The Ohio State University, FLI Program Participant

You have worked hard for 4 years, and as you prepare to walk the stage, a lot of responsibility still lies ahead. Graduating High school is an amazing accomplishment and shouldn’t be taken for granted...

How to Choose the Right Major

Written By: Zariah Mitchell, Freshman at Cuyahoga Community College, HSA Cleveland, Class of 2021

One of the most crucial decisions a college student may make is what degree to pursue...
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