Future Leaders Initiative High School (FLI HS) Program

The Future Leaders Initiative High School (FLI HS) program offers an opportunity for Concept high school seniors to build skills in a structured program that assists with their transition to college and beyond. FLI HS is a prerequisite for the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) program.
Read more FLI HS program info below!
  • 2.5+ GPA between 9 - 11 grades (FI will verify your GPA directly with your school)
  • Intend to attend college the fall after your high school graduation
  • Provide a well-thought-out paragraph on why you should be accepted into the FLI HS program and your motivation for completing a college education (paragraphs will be submitted in the application form) 
Note: First-generation college students and students from low-income households will be given preference; however, you are still encouraged to apply if you won't be a first-generation college student or don't qualify as low-income. 
Applications will run from September 1 - 22 and be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Application notifications will be sent via email before October 2.
Once accepted into the program, you must
  • Communicate effectively and on time by checking and responding to emails from Future Institute staff regularly.
  • Complete five credits of FLI HS requirements shown below between October 2 - May 3.
Benefits of participating in FLI HS during your senior year include…
  • Acquiring college, career, and life skills to be a successful adult and professional.
  • Receiving a Certificate of Completion.
  • Qualifying for the FLI (college) Program, which offers financial assistance per year of continuous college/university or career program enrollment and continued FLI program participation.
Financial Assistance

Students in regalia holding a piggy bank

Financial assistance is provided for scholars who have completed all FLI HS requirements and commit to participating in the FLI program after high school graduation. The financial assistance offers $2,000 per year of continued college/university enrollment and FLI participation. More information to be provided during the summer after your high school graduation. 



See below for ways to complete the five-hour commitment for FLI HS.
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Online Orientation (1)
FLI HS participants must attend a group online orientation session via Zoom in early October before starting to work on any other program requirements. The program officer will review all program information during the orientation and answer any questions. 
The time and date of the orientation will be announced in the acceptance email. Students must email the program officer before the orientation if they cannot attend. 
Online Workshops (2)

Scholars must attend two workshops. There will be at least one workshop scheduled each semester. Students must complete the workshop feedback survey after each workshop to get credit for attending. View all workshops here.


Participants must attend at least one workshop between November-December and one in January-April.

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Progress Meeting (1)

Scholars must attend a quick online meeting with the Program Officer via Zoom to evaluate the scholar’s program participation, answer any questions, and encourage participation.


The progress meeting will take place between mid-March - mid-April. The exact dates and scheduling instructions will be announced in early March 2024.

Alumni Panel (1)

All participants must attend an in-person alumni panel hosted at their high schools during the spring semester. In the panel, participants can ask graduates from their high schools who are currently college students about their college experience. 

Alumni Panels will take place between January and April 2024. The school’s FI Alumni Coordinator or counselor will notify participants when and where the panel will occur. 

Iara Arai Kirchner
Iara A. Kirchner

FLI HS Program Officer

[email protected]