Make the Most of Your Summer Break

It’s finally summer! You finally have some time to unwind and focus on something other than homework. While you can spend your summer just “chilling,” there are also many ways that you can take advantage of your free time.



You can find a remote internship! The school year can be a busy time to do an internship. You have to balance classwork with doing an internship. Therefore, the summertime is the perfect time to do an internship. You can put all your time, effort, and focus on the internship. You can also work an increased amount of hours because you won’t have to do class work.



If you want to get ahead in school, you can consider taking some summer classes online. Taking summer classes can ease your class load during the school year or it can help you graduate early. Another benefit of summer classes is, that you can take a class you wouldn’t consider taking during the school year. Maybe you want to learn about a subject unrelated to your major? The summer is a great time to test out a class like this and see how you like the subject.



Volunteers are always needed, regardless of what time of year it is. If you’re looking for ways to volunteer during the summer, you can start locally. There are summer programs for students, local non-profits, and community centers, among many others. You can even volunteer somewhere that coincides with your career interests such as a nature center, a hospital, or even a shelter.



Make some extra money this summer by working a summer job. Try to apply for these early though because you’ll likely be competing with high school students who are also in need of a summer job! 


finding a new hobby/SKILL

Summer is a great time to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill after a difficult semester. If you’re already piling on a job, research, an internship, extracurriculars, and a full course load during the semester, don’t feel guilty about relaxing during the summer. Last semester, I decided to teach myself how to play the piano. This is something I never had time to do during the semester but, during the summer, I was able to learn a skill I’ve always wanted to learn. So if you want to try out a new hobby or skill, do it now!

Summertime flies by so make sure you do something that you find meaningful. Whether it’s finding a way to advance your career or just relaxing, make sure to spend your summer in a way that will help you feel rejuvenated for your next semester.

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