A Reflection on My Freshman Year

Written By: Najma Salad, Sophomore at The Ohio State University Newark, FLI Program Participant

(This content has been edited for clarity and grammar)

During my freshman year, I overstressed myself way too much for no reason. The reason I say this is because I was scared of not making it in, and I was scared to fail which caused me a lot of anxiety. I would advise that as you enter college, enjoy your first year, even if you are sure of your dream and goal in life career-wise. The second thing I have learned about your campus. I didn’t interact with anyone and didn’t even know where anything was on my campus other than my classes. That came back to haunt me during my second semester as a freshman when I didn’t know where anything was. I have learned to be more aware of my surroundings.

Another thing I have learned is to be a better communicator. I don’t like talking to others and this made me not make a friend in class to get notes from when I missed a day or I can’t make it to class. I didn’t do that which made me miss some classes and end up getting bad grades for assignments. So I have learned to stay connected with others, professionally even if I didn’t like talking to others. The fourth thing I have learned is to have a better understanding of having a good schedule that I can get used to. I needed to function with that schedule, no matter what. Sticking to a schedule is a must. If you do not end up sticking to the schedule and going out of course then you might be behind on some assignments and things as I have been. That is one main thing I have learned is to stick to my schedule no matter what. Although there could be some circumstances where you have an emergency and stuff because life is unpredictable and anything can happen. However, if you do not need space for yourself put it in the schedule also you’ll be overwhelmed so make sure to have some free time for yourself.

Then the fifth thing I have learned as a college student is to have my day. Having a day to yourself and doing all the things you enjoy is a great stress reliever and helps with a lot of anxiety that one might be going through. It is good to have one day where you don’t have to worry about schoolwork or life or what other stuff anyone has been going through. I, as a full-time college student, have been working two jobs as well, so I had to find one day out of the week when I wasn’t working or doing school work. I needed to catch my breath and do things I enjoy instead of over-stressing myself way too much. The overall thing as a freshman is for you to know, as a college student, always be open-minded to everything. What I mean by this is whatever people tell you is always somehow going to be false for you as a. person, that is what I have learned. Everyone is going to college for a different reason and you as a person can’t identify with others because you have not been in their shoes. So have an open perspective and be a guard for anything that will come your way as you enter the first year of college.

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