Episode 8: October 2021 – The Importance of Internships & Hands-On Experience with Abenazer Mekete

Guest Abenazer Mekete
Title Participant, FLI Program
Topic The Importance of Internships & Hands-On Experience
Host Nichole Pientka
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About Our Guest

Abenazer is a senior at Cornell University where he is studying Information Science. Originally from Ethiopia, his earliest aspiration was to become an astronaut and venture into outer space. After observing the meaningful work his dad did as a biologist and his mom as working for the Red Cross, he became inclined to join the medical field. However, when he was in 11th grade, he gained exposure on entrepreneurship, the art of problem solving, and he began to understand the limitless power of computer science. What intrigued him was how people were able to significantly create impact in the world through solving problems. Today, Abenazer’s mission is to create opportunities for others in any way he can.