Gaining Career Experience

While most people associate February with the month of love and romance, here at Future Institute we think of it as a great month to start thinking about finding internships or part-time jobs for summer break...

Senior Year Job Hunting

Are you getting excited about graduating? If you’re about to graduate in the spring, you should start your job search as soon as possible! As of 2017, 86% of college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher found employment. Despite this positive statistic, there are so many components to a job search that you can prepare before even applying anywhere...

Making Career Decisions

Even if you don’t have to make any career decisions right now, thinking about your future and what you want to do will help you. Don’t get too stressed, though! You’re not alone, and you certain have access to help with your endeavors...

2019 Career Exploration

Hello 2019! I’m sure you want to get your next term of college off to the best start in January or finish up your winter break strong, but how can you do that? By exploring your career options! Whether you’re a freshman, senior, somewhere in between or not yet enrolled in a program, you should take some time to look ahead into what you could do with your degree, training, or certification.

New Year Resolution 2019

Hello 2019! It’s officially a brand new year and I’m sure you’re thinking about how you can make 2019 the best year of your life yet. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to volunteer and give back to your community more, think about contacting us at Future Institute. We offer opportunities to give back to your community by giving your time, your advice, or your donations for college students in need.

Make the Most of Your Winter Break

We know you’re excited for winter break! You just finished your finals and you’re going home and/or you’re free to do whatever you want at home. So what do you think you’ll do? Nothing? Well, as surprising as it sounds, nothing gets boring after a week or two when you have a month or more for your break between semesters or quarters.

Study More, Stress Less

We know you’re a stressed-out college student worrying about passing your finals and looking forward to going home for winter break. Yet, just because you’re stressed, doesn’t mean you should feel like you can’t be successful!

How to Stay Motivated During Finals Week

Take a deep breath! In… Out… Okay, now we can talk about staying motivated during finals week during college. Honestly, though, no matter how many times you go through final exams, you will not quite get used to the stress that accompanies it..

Final Exam Survival Guide

While December can be an exciting month full of holiday cheer and winter break, it can also be a stressful time when colleges and universities give their final exams of the fall semester or winter quarter. As a student, you may be stressing out about preparing for final exams before winter break...

Thank You to Our Partners & Supporters

Following Thanksgiving 2018 and #GivingTuesday, Future Institute would like to thank all our partners, sponsors, mentors, students and anyone else who supports our programs and endeavors.
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