Mentorship Success

If you have a mentor as a college student, you may think that it’s all up to your mentor to give advice as well as provide opportunities and resources; however, you have a bigger role than absorbing what your mentor gives you...

Spring Adulting

It’s officially spring! Whether you’re on spring break or looking forward to it, this time of the year is a great time to be productive and prepare yourself for adulthood...

What Kind of Procrastinator are You?

When it comes to procrastinating, are you a dreamer, a worrier, a perfectionist, a crisis maker, or an over-doer? If you’re not sure, then this article from Affordable Colleges Online can definitely help define your procrastination type...

Spring Break or Make?

Most college students treat spring break like a week’s vacation from classes, essays and homework. However, you can also treat your spring break like time to work on your big break! This means that you can work on applying for summer jobs, internships, post-graduation jobs, and other career-related opportunities...

Resumé and Relax

Everyone needs a little R & R, especially college students. We don’t mean the typical R & R that you think of around spring break, but for us it stands for “Resumé and Relax.”

Soft or Transferable Skills

We’ve talked here and there about resumes in the blog posts, but it has been focused on gaining experience for your resume. Another important aspect for your resume and your career in general is acquiring and demonstrating soft or transferable skills...

Beyond College Graduation

In college, sometimes it seems like the only thing you can set your sights on is graduation. You’re aiming for that finish line for that cap, gown, and diploma because it is a great accomplishment. However, you should be looking beyond graduation and into your career before you even cross that much-deserved finish line.

Kick Starting Your Career

While you’re still in college, it’s important to focus on your classes, but also spend some time proactively planning for your career after college.

Dressing for Success

Dress codes can be very confusing, especially when it comes to professional events and interviews. You may be asking yourself what the difference between “business formal” and “business casual” is or what they even mean by themselves.
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