Lisa Meredith, CMP




Chair, Future Institute Board Fundraising Committee

As a 30+ year professional with record success in sales management and marketing at local and regional levels, I’m a creative problem solver with the ability to drive revenue growth, consult on conflict resolution, improve organizational morale, as well as provide hands-on training in the areas of developing negotiation skills and cultivating strategic business partnerships. 


My experience in planning/executing strategic, revenue-generating programs, and sales/marketing plans proved to be extremely successful for a Chicago-area private, city club (2012-18) where I was tasked to review market analyses, determine member and non-member engagement trends, and put in policies that directly improved their room sales volume and increased revenue, thereby awarding the club an achievable $12M+ sales projection annually. 


My skill in developing detailed club sales and marketing plans for two top revenue producing club departments (Catering and Room Sales) provided the GM and Executive Team insight on recognizing current market trends, bottom-line responsibility for strategic planning and market research.  These skills along with extensive experience in recruiting, developing talent and creating effective training programs has strengthened my ability as a persuasive communicator, making it easy to develop productive relationships with colleagues, customers and staff at all levels. My knowledge of marketing principles, including research, direct marketing, pricing, and merchandising was critical in the areas of promotional development, event planning, and advertising. In developing and execute a Club’s sales and marketing plans, with a focus on exceeding the sales goal and budget annually for a 180 guest room/ 30,000 sq. ft. meeting/event space, property, the 1st half FY19  room sales production exceeded budget by 105.3%/108.8% over LY with June 2018 generating the highest revenue acquired in its respective month over the past 12 years.  In providing key strategies for both departments, the club consistently generated over $12m in sales collectively (2015-2018) representing over 42% of the Club’s $28m gross total income.