January 6, 2023: HSA Columbus Alumni Brunch

On Friday, January 6, 2023, the Horizon Science Academy (HSA) Columbus High School alums met at the Concept Schools' Columbus Office. It was, technically, the fourth meeting of the year. Still, for many attendees, it was the first night of rekindled friendship, storytelling, games, and talks about the future of their beloved HSA Columbus. The brunch began with alums reliving the nostalgia held in the yearbooks that Ms. Rumeysa, Future Institute Regional Alumni Coordinator and brunch host, brought. It was an absolute blast to enjoy and reflect on!

The gathering continued with each graduate talking about their experience at Horizon. It was an incredible event for all seasoned and recently-graduated alums to come together and speak of their similarities and differences from their time under the umbrella of Concept Schools. Attendees included graduates of all ages and even some graduates who have become full-time volunteers at the school.
In hopes of connecting with alums, the HSA Columbus Alumni Coordinator used the brunch as an opportunity to find ways that the alumni committee and graduates are close and can collaborate easily. All attendees played a rather entertaining icebreaker game called "That's Me," which led to great laughter. After the game, attendees searched for the perfect place for a group photo in the chic Concept Schooo's Columbus Office (see below).

As the meeting wrapped up, each member chatted about days gone by, plans for the future, and suggestions to improve the HSA Columbus alumni network. The brunch was the first, but not the last, opportunity for HSA Columbus alumni to grow closer to the school system, community, and student body.
A special thanks to the HSA Columbus alumni committee and those graduates that attended the event!
HSA Col Brunch
hsa col brunch group
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