Chicago Math & Science Academy Connects with Alumni

The Chicago Math & Science Academy (CMSA) Alumni Team is always excited to hear back from outstanding graduates! During the last few months, Mr. Cengiz Senol, CMSA Alumni Regional Coordinator, has been connecting with graduates from all graduating classes. Here are two graduates he recently reconnected with! 
Hernan Razo, class of 2015, visited Mr. Cengiz Senol and Mr. Serder Kartal, Concept Schools Chicago Region Superintendent, at the regional office and shared his success story. Hernan earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago and then started a position with Novo Dynamics in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Hernan Razo
Additionally, Cesar Naja, class of 2012, talks about his experience with CMSA.
CMSA and Future Institute are very proud of all graduates! It's always a pleasure to hear from alumni and see them reach their goals! We look forward to watching Hernan and Cesar succeed in their future endeavors!