March 15 – Time Management Workshop

Future Legacies Program

As part of the Future Legacies Program, we will host an online workshop on stress management.

Conventional Wisdom states: “Time Management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between different activities. Get it right, and you’ll end up working smarter, not harder, to get more done in less time.”  How do we become great managers of time and not compromise our lives or the important relationships within our lives?  How do we switch from habits we grew up doing and literally switch to the new expectations the world of college and work have for us?  Together, we will look at time management through a cultural lens and then through the lens of code-switching. Strategies and tools will be shared to help you meet those oh-so-important deadlines while keeping your sanity at the same time!

Future Legacies participants from high schools in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio will attend this workshop.
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