6 Minutes on Everyday Leadership

As an avid listener to all forms of TED, I keep a mental list of my favorite speakers and subjects. One presenter whose message often crosses my mind comes from Drew Dudley, a leadership speaker and bestselling author. In 2010, Dudley spoke at the independent TEDxToronto event.

Now dubbed the “Everyday Leadership: The Lollipop Moment,” Dudley shares a story of how he impacted an incoming freshman life in only a few moments. Moments… that he doesn’t even remember. Claiming the stage for only six short minutes, Dudley’s story is sure to live for far longer in listeners thoughts.

I first listened to the speech as a freshman in college and could relate to the students feeling of diffidence. The message served me a sense of comfort. Maybe most importantly though, the lollipop moment changed my perspective of my own of self-significance. I encourage you to take a brief six minutes to listen to Dudley’s story and consider your own impact.

View on TED: https://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership?language=en#t-1698