How to Create an Impressive Resume

Research shows recruiters spend only an average of 7.4 seconds on their initial review of resumes. Consequently, one could argue that a resume is the most important first impression.
In How to Create the Perfect Resume, we covered a few tips that can help you develop a resume that stands out. In this post we are sharing a resource that provides you with a beginner friendly software to craft your resume for free.
With Resume Builder, you can choose between a variety of professional templates and customize them to best suit you. After entering your own information into easy-to-use boxes, the resume wizard will format and check your resume with ease. With the click of a button, your resume can be downloaded as a PDF and will be ready for the eyes of your recruiters.
Additionally, Resume Builder features Resume Examples for jobs in over 22 industries. Each job catalogues examples for varying levels of experience, key skills and proficiencies, recommended action verbs, and other career specific recommendations.
For further reference, Cover Letter Examples can also be found on the website.
Visit to create a resume or polish your own.

See the infographic below for a few things to consider while making your resume.