Healthy Snack Ideas for College Students on the Go

Ever wonder why people talk about gaining the “freshman fifteen” in college? It can certainly be a real thing, especially when you’re adapting to college life with rushing to class, stress and anxiety, meal plan access, and the convenience of snacks at the student center and vending machines. If you want to get ahead of the “freshman fifteen” — or any college year — and lead a healthier life while in college, we’ve got some great ideas for on-the-go snacks that can help improve your brain function and avoid the allure of unhealthy fast food.
1. Fruit on the Go
Fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are easy to bring with you on your way to class or to eat between classes. They also give you valuable vitamins you need to stay healthy. Fruits are so much better for you than a candy bar and have some natural sugar to keep your energy up for studying!
2. Carrots & Green Vegetables
You can buy snack packs of baby carrots or even store a bag in your dorm fridge with snack bags. If you’re not big on carrots, you can munch on some pea pods or raw broccoli instead. Add some Ranch, hummus, or peanut butter and you’ve added some protein for a delicious alternative to potato chips and Cheetos.
3. Hard Boiled Eggs
While I’m not a big fan of these, hard boiled eggs are easy to take on the go if you don’t have time to eat a meal. They don’t cost much — a dollar or two a dozen, usually — and they’re great for protein to keep you full during long lectures.
4. Almonds & Peanuts
Some people really go nuts for nuts! They’re a great source of protein and easy to store as a snack in your backpack. Careful not to go overboard since they do contain a high percentage of fat.
5. Cheese & Crackers
I’m not talking about the tiny sandwiches you can buy in a box, but real cheese — think Babybel or string cheese — eaten with whole grain crackers. Think of it like a more adult Lunchable or a quick cheese plate!
6. Granola Bars & Trail Mix
While these options are bit more processed than the earlier examples, these are healthy options instead of reaching for a bag of chips or candy. Make sure you check the sugar content on these before choosing which variety. If you go for a bar or mix with nuts and dried fruit with as little added sugar as you can, you’ve picked the best kind.

All these snacks are easy to bring with you on your busy, college life and guaranteed to support your healthy lifestyle. Keeping up your brain power and immune system are super important to functioning well in college.

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