Peer Advice on Staying Organized

Written by: Charmayne Williamson, Freshman at Kent State University, FLI Program Participant

(This content has been edited for clarity and grammar)
 Charmayne Williamson, Blog Post Author
I’m not the most organized person, but I do have a system of how I like everything to be. Sometimes even my way gets messy, but it’s an organized type of messy! I just wanted to talk about some of my ways to keep a messy work space and room organized.
Section Everything — I have everything in my room and work space in sections. I have a section for my art supplies, sewing supplies, clothes, etc. Most of all be more specific with your sections. For my art supplies I separate the markers, color pencils, paints supplies, and anything else I have in my art work area. They all have their own spot. I know it’s a lot, but when you start doing it, it gets easier. It’s like assigned seating in school, you know where you sit and everybody else sits, maybe not at first but you’ll learn.
Get Containers — I love containers, bins, mason jars, etc! I have a whole bunch to keep my pencils in, miscellaneous items, as well as my keys and wallet. You can definitely use them to organize your art and sewing supplies how you want them. It keeps everything in place for big or little things. You can use them for storage to put under your bed or desk, you can put them in you drawer to make more room. There are unlimited possibilities!
Use Sticky Notes — Sticky notes are amazing for reminders, making lists, and giving you inspirational quotes! I use sticky notes for everything, but mostly to write down reminders for school, clubs, events and whatever I need to get done in a day. I can’t tell you how many times sticky notes have saved me from missing an assignment or a project deadline. Sticky notes don’t always have to be for school or reminders; they can be for writing down ideas for a design or a quick grocery list. It can be utilized for many different things.
Invest in a lot of Sketchbooks/Notebooks — I use a lot of different sketchbooks and notebooks for different reasons. They’re not just for school either! It can keep track of your thoughts and feelings or to sketch out quick ideas for personal projects. I go through a lot of them because I have so many different ideas that can lead to many other ideas and it keeps track of them so I write them down or sketch them. I have a bunch of drawing journals for different reasons. One is for my sketches, one is for my ideas, and another is for my mood boards. Notebooks and sketchbooks can be very universal!
Write EVERYTHING down, EVERYWHERE! — I am so forgetful and have a bad memory, so I need to write everything down, everywhere. For example, if I have an assignment due soon, I’ll write the assignment name and due date on a stick note. Then, I’ll put that reminder in my phone and iPad and then write it down in my planner. I am extremely thorough with writing things down.
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