A First Semester College Experience

Written by: Charmayne Williamson, Freshman at Kent State University, FLI Program Participant

(This content has been edited for clarity and grammar)
Today, I want to talk about my first semester at Kent State. First off, Kent was not my first choice, but it was one of my top 3 choices. It’s almost finals week right now, so you know I have to study, study, study! To be honest, if I had to rated my first semester experience I would give it a 6 out of 10. That’s not bad for a first semester experience — I’ve heard worse.
Charmayne Williamson, Blog Post Author
The biggest let down of my year was because of COVID and we didn’t have any in-classes so that sucked a lot. I couldn’t join a lot of clubs at first because everyone was still trying to figure out how everything was going to go. I was lucky enough to join an amazing sorority named Sigma Sigma Sigma. I also joined Fusion magazine. I want to join more next semester and be more involved in clubs and my sorority. I felt like I wasn’t as involved as should have been this semester and I feel really bad about that. I want improve my time management and do better.

My roommate was cool; we had a lot in common and even more things we didn’t have in common. We never really fought, but we had a lot of differences. After a few months she moved out. She said it was because of space, but I think it was something else. I was okay with it, I’m not going to beg for her stay if she really wanted to leave — I have my own room now.

My classes were weird in the sense of everything being online and the teachers acting like we were actually in class. The projects I have had were group projects and it’s hard to meet with other people if they live in another city, have COVID or our schedules don’t work together. After a while we got the hang of it, but it was no thanks to the teachers.

I was so excited for my Foundations of Fashion Drawing class. This was the class I have been waiting for to learn how to draw figures properly. On the first day, we dove straight in and she held nothing back. Our professor was very critical and on us to improve on every little thing. She was super tough, but to be honest, I needed that. It made me a better artist in such a short amount of time and I will be forever thankful for that.

I haven’t made that many friends yet, but I have more in-classes next semester, so I hope to gain friends through that. I hope to see more of my sorority sisters more often because I want to connect with them better. Everything was online during rush week as well as all the events at the start of the semester and even my initiation. I am a very shy person so I knew the first semester was going to be hard to make friends, but I am grateful to the ones I have made.

I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone a lot this semester, joining stuff and just trying to put myself out there more. I’m glad I came to this school and I’m glad I am improving on my passion. I am so thankful!

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