The Importance of Artistic Creativity

Written by: Corrine Cianci, Rising Sophomore at The Ohio State University, FLI Program Participant

Corrine Cianci, Blog Post Writer
Growing up, I watched my sister create masterpieces. My sister is a very talented painter and has been for as long as I’ve been able to remember. I would always ask, “Are you going to become an artist?” or “when are you going to art school?”, etc. She always told me no, or that she was not going to art school.
Hearing her answers to my questions made me disappointed because I really believed and thought that she could have been a famous painter some day — I still do. However, after being tired of me constantly asking, she finally told me one day, “I don’t want to go to art school because it would ruin art for me.” I was confused, what little kid wouldn’t be?

It was then that she explained to me that art is a form of relaxation for her. She loved painting because it cleared her mind and calmed her. If she would make a career out of being an artist, it would put too much stress on her and force her art. Plus, she wanted to become a cosmetologist, which is also a form of art. It was then I understood that our passions are like a well, and we should never run ourselves dry. After being inspired by my sister, I used to draw every single day. I even signed my name on the pages in case they would ever make an impression on a large sum of people. Of course, they did not, but it felt nice to pretend and to be confident.

For hours, I would sketch what was in my head and day after day, the pages began to fill up. I still remember the day I took my artistic ability and challenged myself — I drew a picture I was so proud of that I even ask people if they want to see it today. Soon, I finished that sketchbook and started on another, and another, and another. Looking back on it now, I used art to escape reality just like my sister. Sadly, growing up means you have more responsibilities and duties; unfortunately my motivation was decreasing every month.

The last piece that I remember drawing was a realistic sketch of a Jaguar’s eye in my senior year of high school. Somehow, without even practicing, I was able to jump from animated drawings, to realistic pictures. This tells me that I have so much talent that I am still not in touch with, and I could reach levels that I’ve always dreamed I could — I just need a nudge.

Now, I do not draw often. I am always on tiktok, watching people creating beautiful works of art. They make paintings, pottery, drawing, sculpting, even mini business makers creating and perfectly wrapping their items to send away in a well coordinated pattern packaging.


Painting by Corrine’s sister

After I watch a video of someone creating art, I always feel a spark in me to go put up a sketchbook for the first time awhile. I get a sudden urge and just beg myself to just sketch something, but it never happens. I know this might sound hypocritical. I’m giving people advice about never ignoring their artistic side; however, it seems I am doing the same. I do not wish to be a hypocrite, but I’m writing this blog to push myself to finally draw again. This is a scream of motivation for me — I sincerely hope this will give me the fuel I need.

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