COVID Resources for College Students

The semester may be winding down for most colleges, but the pandemic is still part of our daily lives no matter where you live. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will continue into the new year as well and its effects are being felt in every possible way. College students have been impacted in many different ways and only a few examples are:

  • Transitioning to virtual or hybrid classes
  • Parents losing their jobs
  • Having to get a job to help pay the bills
  • Contracting COVID-19 while at school and having to quarantine
  • Schedules and class formats constantly shifting due to the pandemic
  • Mental and emotional health taking a toll
  • Unreliable access to internet at home

Fortunately, there are many free resources available to college students who are struggling with any manner of issues due to the pandemic. Here are just some of the many free opportunities out there:

Financial Support

Emergency aid is offered by Edquity to those in need. College students may qualify for unemployment benefits and can still receive federal work-study. Most importantly, if your family’s finances have changed, update your FAFSA so you can apply for additional aid!

Mental Health Support

The Crisis Text Line is available 24/7 by texting HOME to 741741 for free support in the US. Additionally, there are online resources like the Headspace app and Ten Percent Happier for meditation exercises.

Internet Access Support

Major internet providers have been trying to help users cope with the necessity of the internet by providing affordable options and not shutting off access when bills aren’t paid. Comcast XfinitySpectrumAT&T, and Frontier have discounts and deals for those unable to access reliable internet services.

There are more freebies and discounts available (unrelated to COVID-19) for college students as well.

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