2019 Research Center Annual Meeting

October 21, 2019

The annual planning meeting for the Future Institute Research Center was held on October 21, 2019 at the Future Institute main office in Schaumburg, Illinois. The following research fellows attended: Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk, Dr. John Klatt, Dr. D. Antonio Cantu, Dr. Roberta Gentry, Dr. Jennifer Laffier, and Dr. Carmen Gioiosa. Dr. Scott Richardson was available via video conference and the Future Institute staff, Cengiz Karatas, Iara Aldape, and Nichole Pientka, were present. 

The meeting began with breakfast and a welcoming presentation by Mr. Sedat Duman, CEO of Concept Schools. Following this presentation, the Future Institute staff gave updates on Concept graduate data and the programs being implemented this year. Dr. Gioiosa then explained the survey given to high school seniors in the spring of this year about college readiness and said the goal is to have a follow up survey for those who participated. Before lunch, the fellows broke out into their small committees for discussion on their goals for this year. 

The meeting recessed for lunch, during which Mr. Dan Green, President of the Future Institute Board, joined the fellows in a discussion of the relationship between the Research Center and the Board. After lunch, the conversation focused on Future Insight, the podcast, and the Future Review, the journal. Dr. Klatt said he has too many submissions to include in the 2019 Fall Issue and the fellows discussed having a portal to keep track of the journal submissions.

There was a break to interview the research fellows. After the interviews, the fellows discussed inviting new members to join the Center. Mr. Karatas also mentioned having an annual report and monthly newsletter for the Center. The meeting was adjourned with dinner.