College Success Panel at HSA McKinley Park

On November 27th, 2018, the Future Institute Board‘s College Success Committee arranged a panel of three Concept alumni who are current college students to provide insight into college for juniors and seniors at HSA McKinley Park. The panelists were:

  1. Shahista Khatoon, CMSA alumna, senior Biology major at Northeastern Illinois University
  2. Bryanna Moreno, HSA McKinley Park alumna, freshman Education major at UIC
  3. Jessica Guzman, HSA McKinley Park alumna, freshman Communications and Media major at DePaul University

Mr. Charles Franklin, chair of the College Success Committee introduced the purpose of the panel, which was to open up a dialogue with seniors and juniors to learn about the transition to college and it provided an opportunity for them to ask the panelists questions about college. Ms. Nichole Pientka, a Future Institute staff member, acted as the moderator for the panel. The seniors asked some important questions about the importance of time management in college and how to stay motivated in college.

Another panel was hosted at   on December 13th at 9:00 a.m.