March 11th – FLI HS Entrepreneurship 101 Online Workshop

March 11th- Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop

FLI HS Program

Entrepreneurship and education are two of the most common routes to rise from rags to riches — in other words, to achieve the American Dream, however you dream it! This Future Institute workshop, features Margaret Johnsson, award-winning serial entrepreneur, and Founder and Director of Northeastern Illinois University’s Business Innovation and Growth (BIG) Center, providing an overview of the proof-of-concept work that is essential to successful new venture launches. This workshop is an adaptation of a presentation made at the Future Institute’s World Future Forum in 2019, for which Johnsson received a Best Practices award entitled, Entrepreneurship as a STEM Ed Stimulus.

The Entrepreneurship 101 workshop was hosted online. FLI HS participants from high schools in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio attended the workshop at their schools as part of the program.

Meet the Workshop Presenter

Margaret Johnsson