Joyce Uriostegui



Joyce Uriostegui is a multi-faceted professional who has devoted her career to public management, philanthropic initiatives, grants management, policy, and strategic project development. She specializes in strategies harmonizing processes, ad hoc operations, stakeholder management, sustainability, and program impact.

Her career extends across public and non-profit operations. Prior to joining Future Institute, Mrs. Uriostegui held roles in research and data analysis, outreach and communication, and administrative and operational roles, including a role as an elementary and middle school teacher--where her lifelong passion for education and continuous professional learning and development proliferated. She has advocated for and was part of a college outreach program on Wrongful Convictions in Illinois and has volunteered at non-profit organizations addressing the needs of those living in poverty.

She completed her master’s degree in Public Administration and her undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Illinois. She also holds an associate degree in International Business and a certification in Project Management. 

She hopes that her public spiritedness and passion to create value will help her promote the welfare of others. She aims to help find holistic solutions for development programs that address issues that impact underserved communities and those who have been historically excluded.

Mrs. Uriostegui is an avid believer that when we work together, we have the power to unravel positive change in our communities. As a Development Officer, Mrs. Uriostegui focuses on the sustainability of Future Institute’s programs serving first-generation, low-income Concept Schools’ students throughout the Midwest.