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Future Institute has initiated an exciting partnership with CYSP at Concept Schools to build a college scholarship fund for high school students. CYSP requirements are designed for participating scholars to improve their leadership skills and plan for college success. The program requires scholars to commit to enrolling in Future Institute Road to Success Training (FIRST) over the course of their college career. Scholars who are committed to completing program requirements will build a scholarship fund in high school with an added $1,000 award for becoming a FIRST member. Scholarship funds are applied upon the scholars’ college enrollment.

Junior mentors are volunteers who play a pivotal role in a high school student’s life by committing to one or two years of providing advice about the transition to college and other college-related support.

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Junior mentors will meet with their respective scholars three times throughout the school year. This experience will prompt scholars to look beyond high school and expand their understanding of college and career.

How much time do I need to commit?

Junior mentors only meet with their respective scholars three times per year, which is only about three hours of commitment per year.