We know you’re excited for winter break! You just finished your finals and you’re going home and/or you’re free to do whatever you want at home. So what do you think you’ll do? Nothing? Well, as surprising as it sounds, nothing gets boring after a week or two when you have a month or more for your break between semesters or quarters.

So what can you do to avoid the “cabin” fever and be productive over break? Besides sleeping in and not doing homework or studying, we’ve got a list of ideas for you:

1. Volunteer
If you don’t have a seasonal job over the winter break, then it’s great time of year to volunteer somewhere. When you decide to volunteer, pick something that you would enjoy. For example, if you like animals, volunteer at a local shelter. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter for the homeless. There are lots of possibilities and you can even bring a friend along with you! Volunteering is also a great item to put on your resume.

2. Spend Time with Family
When you’re away for the semester, you may miss your family after a month or two. Winter break is a great time to catch up with your family members and even your extended family. Take time to play some games, watch movies, go sledding, or make crafts. However, don’t over-commit yourself. The holidays can be especially stressful if you’re trying to see too many people within a limited amount of time, including friends. Give yourself a break if you can’t see everyone while you’re at home.

3. Read!
While you probably do a lot of reading during college, make some time to read a book that you enjoy. If you don’t love reading, pick up a book you liked as a kid and re-read it. You might re-discover your love of reading for fun after reading the course-required texts. While this may sound like work during your break, you’re giving your mind a break because you’re not studying, you’re not committing passages to memory, you’re enjoying the read and using your imagination. Here’s a book list for you to consider for winter break.

4. Travel
If you’ve got some time to spare, go visit a new town or state. If you have friends from college who live in other states or cities, plan a trip to go visit them and see a new place. Perhaps, you have relatives in other places that you don’t see often — go visit them! Exploring a new place is always exciting and you can learn more on your break while having fun at the same time.

5. Look for Internships or Jobs
Okay, we know this is a chore, but it’s important! Getting experience while in college can make it easier to get a job after graduating, especially when it’s in your field of study. If you’re a senior, see if there are any job openings and start applying or simply do research on what’s currently out there. Look into what the requirements for the job or internship are. It’s a great time to re-vamp your resume and cover letter as well. 

We hope you have a safe, restful, and productive winter break!

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