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The Future Institute Road to Success Training (FIRST) program establishes meaningful connections between successful companies and college students to help set and achieve their career goals through real-world, structured training experiences.

The companies are successful in particular fields such as medicine, business, and technology and are willing to provide a training experience on a small scale in a structured program. Each company customizes its program according to their specific preferences and guidelines.

Trainees or FIRST participants are Concept School graduates who are currently pursuing college degrees and are interested in obtaining real-world experience in their fields of study.

    1. Personal Development: Mentors coach mentees through their college transition, career planning, and life challenges through one-on-one meetings, assigned reading, and community service projects.

    2. Job Shadowing: Mentees receive first-hand insight into a career field of their interest.

    3. Project Completion: Mentors assign a meaningful and professional-level project for the mentee to complete and present in front of an audience.


The scholarship funds are sent directly to the trainee’s college or university’s financial aid offices. Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books, class materials, lab equipment, and housing.