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The Future Institute Road-to-Success Mentorship (FIRM) pairs experienced professionals with Concept high school students or graduates to help them set and achieve their career goals through real-world opportunities.

To learn more about participating or becoming involved in FIRM, please select one of the categories below.

The FIRM program offers a variety of informal and formal meetings for mentees and mentors to work toward mutually agreed-upon goals in 3 program areas: personal development, job shadowing, and project completion.

Personal Development
Mentors will help mentees by coaching them through life challenges, assigning character or career development reading, and completing a 1-hour minimum service project together.

Job Shadowing
FIRM requires a minimum of 8 hours of job shadowing (4-meeting minimum) provided or facilitated by mentors.

Project Completion
Mentees will take the lead role in a small career-related project and present it (to the mentor or a group) on an agreed-upon date. Projects are meant to give mentees an opportunity to excel in their fields of interest and gain confidence.

Studies have shown that first generation college students who have a mentor are 10-15% more likely to advance to another year of college. Additionally, first generation college students (41% of black students and 61% of Hispanic students) are twice as likely to drop out before their sophomore year. Therefore, providing mentors for first generation college students is an important factor to increase their rate of college persistence.

If you’re a self-driven, goal-oriented Concept Schools graduate currently enrolled in college, you could be a great FIRM mentee! Plus, you can earn scholarships through your participation.

FIRM mentors are volunteers who play a pivotal role in a college student’s life by committing to one to four years of professional and personal mentorship over the mentee’s college career.

As a sponsor, you will be helping support students’ aspirations from high school through college. Students will earn scholarships through active participation in the FIRM program.