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Where would we be without ​our ​mentors? Mentors may be friends, coaches, tutors, community leaders, teachers, and, of course, professionals in our fields of interest. Mentors educate us in our areas of ​career ​passion​s​. They supply the personal connection to our fields of interest, through professional guidance and ​life ​enrichment​.

At Future Institute, mentors are volunteers who are dedicated to sharing their vocational lessons and career advice with mentees, who include Concept Schools’ high school graduates. Mentors are inspired, well-intending professionals who yearn​ to help underprivileged, low-income Concept graduates gain workforce knowledge and exposure.

Mentors are willing to supply a modest amount of time facilitating ​the following ​activities each year: assigning the mentee a book to read and summarize; allowing the mentee to job shadow him-or-herself at work (8 hours per year); and assigning the mentee an annual project to complete and present.

In return, mentors take pride in contributing their time and involvement by knowing their support is educating and preparing underserved young adults to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.