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The Future Institute Road to Success Mentorship (FIRM) pairs successful professionals and community leaders with Concept high school graduates who are eager to learn and grow as they navigate college life and select a career path. FIRM mentees gain valuable real-world experience and insight they can’t get in a classroom and might not get at home.

FIRM is an annual mentoring program designed to be flexible and easy to manage that only requires the following throughout the school year:

– One-on-one meetings with paired mentor depending on your schedules

– Character or career development reading assigned by mentor

– Complete a 1-hour minimum service project with mentor

– Minimum of 8 hours of job shadowing provided or facilitated by mentor

– Finish and take the lead role in a small career-related project and present it on an agreed-upon date

    • If you’re a self-driven, goal-oriented Concept Schools graduate currently enrolled in college, you could be a great FIRM mentee! As a FIRM mentee, you will have the additional support of a professional working in their field while pursuing your college degree. All you have to do is apply and be accepted into FIRM! Plus, you can even earn scholarship money while in the program.


1. Personal Development: Mentors coach mentees through their college transition, career planning, and life challenges through one-on-one meetings, assigned reading, and community service projects.

2. Job Shadowing: Mentees receive first-hand insight into a career field of their interest.

3. Project Completion: Mentors assign a meaningful and professional-level project for the mentee to complete and present in front of an audience.


How do you benefit from FIRM?

– Receive expert resume advice from a professional

– Gain workplace experience

– Access to personal life coaching

– Opportunity to build your network and connect with professionals

– Letters of recommendation

– Certificate of completion

– $1,000 scholarship each year of FIRM participation (Funds available for spending on tuition, books, class materials, lab equipment, and housing)

FIRM mentors are volunteers who play a pivotal role in a college student’s life by committing to one to four years of professional and personal mentorship over the mentee’s college career. Mentors will be paired based on the mentee’s college major or career pursuits, which could be professions such as:

– Medical doctors

– Real estate developers

– Elementary school teachers

– Engineers

Even if you haven’t declared a major, your mentor can assist with career advice and other college life recommendations.


    • Committed FIRM mentees receive an annual scholarship, which is applied to college-related expenses. (For mentees still in high school, their scholarship dollars accrue and are applied to their future college-related expenses.) Scholarship amounts depend on the mentee’s program level of involvement (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

    • Scholarships are sent directly to your college or university’s financial aid offices in two installments (December and May).

    • Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books, class materials, lab equipment, and housing.


  1. Once you have registered and created a profile in the FIRM portal online, you will be contacted by one of our staff members.

  2. The staff will pair you with a mentor whose career field or interests aligns with your goals.

  3. A meeting will be arranged to meet with your mentor for the first time.

  4. You will be in continuous communication with your mentor about assignments, job shadowing, and your project.

  5. It is very important that you update and complete assignments on the FIRM portal because this is how the staff tracks your progress on the requirements for the scholarship.


Can I drop out right away?

FIRM requires commitment to the program and its areas, which means that if you do not think you can commit to the flexible and easy to manage requirements, you may leave the program.

Can I be disqualified from the program?

If you do not satisfy the terms and conditions, then yes. The terms of FIRM involve being committed to completing the program requirements in order to receive the scholarship each year. This means that you and your mentee must be diligent and timely in updating and recording your mentee’s activities and their completion on the online portal. If you do not complete these requirements, then the FIRM staff will end your participation in the program and you will not receive the scholarship.

What is the scholarship payment schedule?

      • Scholarships are administered in two installments in December and May of each year you participate.


Using the FIRM portal

  1. Go to the FIRM portal login page.
  2. Use your email and password to sign into the portal
  3. Make sure your profile is completely filled out and updated
  4. You can also view your mentor’s profile in the portal
  5. Your mentor will use the portal to assign you assignments, projects and schedule job shadowings with you and the system with send you email notifications when he or she does. Your job is to complete those assignments and record your experiences in the portal in order for FIRM staff to see your progress and award your scholarship


What if I’m out of state? Do we have to meet in person?

      • While we value in-person facetime between mentors and mentees, we do realize that distance and busy schedules can hinder the mentorship process. In order to minimize these conflicts and enhance the program’s flexibility, we will consider meeting through video conferences on a case-by-case basis. Long-distance or online mentoring still involves the same commitment and communication as in-person mentorship.


How do I meet my mentor?

Once you have been paired with a mentor, the FIRM staff will establish contact between you and your mentor via email or phone in order for you to schedule a meeting with your mentor.