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To promote Concept Schools graduates’ high school-to-college transition, college persistence, and career readiness by means of innovative, research-informed programs.


To build a better society by producing thousands of career-ready graduates poised for professional success.

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Future Institute builds and maintains strong relationships with students, schools, community partners, and supporters. Our data-focused approach relies on observations that inform our interactions. We provide programs designed to assist students at various stages of their transition to post-secondary education and the workforce.


Based on individual student need, we build support services that directly impact our graduates’ success. We offer transition services, career services, and ongoing support throughout the student journey through college and the career cycle. FI’s intervention starts when students are in high-school and continues as they progress through life.


We are in an everlasting quest to grow our community. We are positioned to maintain strong communications with our stakeholders to secure program development and success. Through a strategic communications plan, we conduct consistent student, partner, and community outreach.


FI employs quantitative and qualitative methods to produce outcomes that best serve our students. We obtain data through studies designed to measure variables identified to have specific, positive effects on student outcomes. Our interest in the long-term success of our students drives our research design and implementation.


We base our understanding of leadership on the following statements: We set our goals for students and our institution with relentless pursuit of best outcomes in mind. We count each second and each cent spent on our students to ensure we are accountable to student success. We base the integrity of our organization on our commitment to honesty and empowering others.