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Future Institute offers the Future Leaders Initiative: a unique, comprehensive program that allows Concept graduates to prepare for their college and career goals by participating in various professional development opportunities and events as well as connecting with a professional mentor throughout the year and earn a scholarship.

Concept Schools high school graduates can join the Future Leaders Initiative. The program starts once the students have graduated and are enrolled in college or pursuing a career program.

Participants have the flexibility to choose which opportunities, events, and programs best suit their schedule and goals. The survey administered at the beginning of each academic year and the evaluation at the end of the year will guide participants in their college and career explorations and help coordinators better support them. Once participation is confirmed, participants will be sent a yearly schedule with full times and dates of program options.

Joining this program is a commitment and all participants must respond in a timely manner to all contact from program coordinators. Any participant committed to an event, opportunity, or program who can no longer attend due to a conflict must contact a coordinator to reschedule an alternative or substitute option. Any participant unable to fulfill their required commitments by the scholarship deadlines (calendar to be released by end of June) will be disqualified from receiving the scholarship.

Scholarships are sent only to institutions (2-year/4-year colleges, career centers, university housing, bookstores, etc) and can only be used for educational purposes. Scholarships are sent in the form of a check and cannot be sent to individuals.

Upon successful completion of the requirements each semester, participants will benefit in the following ways:

– Receive a $750 scholarship per semester, which totals $1,500 in scholarships annually*
– Access to professional development and career-advancing opportunities to add to your skills and resume
– Volunteer & leadership experience
– Access to a professional mentor (if participating in mentorship program)
– Potential networking, job, and internship opportunities

*Future Fund participants will be awarded $2,000 in scholarships annually for their participation in high school

The FLI program includes the following programs that Future Institute has offered previously as individual programs:

Future Institute Road-to-Success Mentorship (FIRM) Program
Future Institute Road to Success Training (FIRST) Program
ICATT Apprenticeship Program
College Liaison Program 
– Junior Mentor to a high school student