The real test of a high school education is how it plays out afterward. CAN graduates are successful, hardworking, and are making contributions in diverse fields. Here are just a few of the many paths taken by Concept Alumni.

Alumni Spotlight
(Week of October 24, 2016)

Farooq Khan

Farooq Khan is an alumnus of Chicago Math and Science Academy (CMSA), Class of 2013. Currently attending Loyola University of Chicago.

Briefly describe your career path.
I am currently a senior at Loyola University of Chicago, pursuing my major in Biology. I am also a certified Emergency Medical Technician; this certification allows me to work in the medical field. My goal is to achieve a Medical Doctorate degree; with it I shall be pursuing a career in Cardiology.
What are you passionate about in your work/school?
My curiosity with medicine started out with an amusement of science. From general biology to advanced neuroscience, the study of the biological systems, especially the most complex of them all, the human body, has been a delightful journey with new discoveries in each new class.  I am exceptionally passionate about my work because helping those in need is my personal nature. I am confident in my abilities to succeed and help people throughout my life. In order to make a difference in the world by helping one person at a time. I trust that success in life comes through hard work and dedication. That rewarding feeling of fulfillment attracts me to the practice of medicine.
Where is your career headed?
I am looking forward to matriculating in to a Medical School, where there are opportunities and places to make changes, where there is change needed. I have always looked up to people who have made changes and this inspires me to have certain goals set to achieve for myself.
How has your Concept Schools (CMSA) experience helped shape your success?
My experience at CMSA has been very encouraging and quite motivating, by pushing students to pursue higher education. I have had an amazing opportunity to visit Turkey and learn more about the Turkish culture and this just adds on to the list of opportunities to learn and experience other cultures. I am grateful to Concept Schools for the constant support and incentive they given to strive for the best.
How are you a game changer?
Living close to the city and experiencing the diversity and the transition of different individuals, you notice the changes they need in their lives, whether financially and/or socially. I am a game changer because seeing the lives and the environment in one of the largest cities in the United States of America, really motivates you to help out more and give back, but there is only so much one person can do. I am able to inspire the youth by helping them learn more about themselves and focus on their education, communication, and self-confidence.
Your favorite Concept Schools memory?
My favorite Concept Schools memory was when we would have college trips across the country and ACT camps with teachers that genuinely cared about me. These opportunities have allowed me to explore my options and go beyond of what was given to me.
What is your advice for current Concept Students?
My advice for current Concept students is to focus on your goals, do your work in the time given and with your time off explore your options in life. I understand that sometimes high school can get a little stressful and do not let homework or school take the most out of your day, look for summer programs or internships for high school students that allow you to have an experience out in the field.

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