The real test of a high school education is how it plays out afterward. CAN graduates are successful, hardworking, and are making contributions in diverse fields. Here are just a few of the many paths taken by Concept Alumni.

Alumni Spotlight
(Week of Feb 22, 2016)

Ty'Meisha Funches

Ty’Meisha Funches is an Alumna of Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, Class of 2006. Currently, Ty’Meisha is attending Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).

Briefly, describe your career path.
Currently I am on the journey to becoming a nurse. This has been a dream since before attending my first year at HSA. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and truly believe “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” a quote by Ghandi.
What are you passionate about in your work/school?
If I’m only able to pick one thing, I would say that I am most passionate about being able to serve others.  I’ve always worked in a specialized field of care and my goal was to always make my patients feel comfortable enough to ask questions and return for future visits. I have definitely succeeded with that.
Where is your career headed?
As mentioned, ultimately I will become a nurse. As there are a lot of other things on my agenda, they will all play that role of helping me to continue to serve others.
How has your Concept Schools experience helped shape your success?
I believe that attending a Concept school has paved the way of my career choices and success. Staff members were always available to help when needed and made it open for those whom were afraid to even ask. They made things available right at our fingertips and all one had to do was apply themselves.
How are you a game changer?
Well, I’ve come from very humble beginnings and have endured more than one can even begin to think. But I use that as a stepping stone to move forward. People ask consistently, “How do you do it, juggling many hats?” and that answer is, “I just do it!” I don’t have time to think about all the things that are wrong because I know that many others are in bad conditions. I like to not only tell my sons what’s important but also show them.  We all hold different keys towards moving our community or even just our families forward, and the beautiful thing is we do not know who holds which keys. Each and every one of us is a game changer in the making; we just may not realize it yet. We must apply ourselves and work with what we have. I am sure that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t imagine as a child that he would make such a great impact.
What is the most amazing or interesting thing that’s happened to you since graduating?
Being that I have graduated just about 10 years ago, I have done quite a few things. In my opinion the most amazing thing was to make the commitment to volunteering. Over the years I have volunteered at health fairs, AIDS clinics, churches and schools. Most recently I take pride in being able to volunteer at homeless shelters as well as Habitat for Humanity. Like always, it goes back to being able to help serve others. That keeps me going.
Your favorite high school memory?
I absolutely loved high school and believe it or not would go back and do it all over again. I have a few high school memories that are my favorite. One was Oral Speech and Communication Class Improv days. No one wanted to participate but Ms. Sisco gave us no choice. She has played a role in my public speaking and acting skills, leading me to even join the Drama Club. Another great memory would probably be just simply being a HSA Dragon Cheerleader. The experience was awesome, and I have even considered in my adult years to possibly coach (but am holding off on that idea for now). Next would be the year Ms. Humpreys tried to make me publish a poem written for a creative writing competition. Last but not least, the greatest memory, I’ll never forget, is graduation day of course. The last few years of high school were the hardest for me. I had faced a number of discouragements many didn’t know but didn’t allow that to hold me back. Graduating from high school was a great accomplishment to me and my immediate family, being that many did not go that route.
How do you support and participate in the Concept Alumni?
Even without people knowing, I have always referred people to my high school. I try to make myself available to attend events when able and also have plans to help plan events. I have always had school spirit, one of many things that will remain. Whatever I can do to help, I am there.

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