The real test of a high school education is how it plays out afterward. CAN graduates are successful, hardworking, and are making contributions in diverse fields. Here are just a few of the many paths taken by Concept Alumni.

Alumni Spotlight
(Week of Sep 21, 2015)

Kathleen Bias

Kathleen Bias is an Alumna of Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, Class of 2010.

Briefly, describe your career path.
I am currently working in inbound sales and marketing for a data distribution company. In my steps forward, I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in branding and marketing to add to my event planning skills I honed while working with Concept Schools.
What are you passionate about in your work/school?
At this moment, I am passionate about learning the most effective practices for marketing and the behind-the-scenes processes for campaigns and technological data distribution. These are fields that are increasingly working hand in hand and with the advancements in technology and advertisement in general (I’m sure we can agree that we are greeted with at least 10-15 ads per day in a plethora of capacities) I will gain the skills to help run effective business practices – no matter what the field.
Where is your career headed?
My career is just getting started! I am less than two years out of University but I’ve been fortunate enough to take my leap into the corporate and business world – having special opportunities to work with decision makers and learn how to effectively plan and organize some of the most vital aspects of any business – getting people to know about it and become interested. In short, my career is headed towards entrepreneurship and project management services.
How has your Concept Schools experience helped shape your success?
Concept Schools has been a huge part of my success! The majority of my fundamental education was served from Horizon Science Academy Cleveland. I began my education at HSA in the 6th grade and graduated with honors in 2010. Upon my graduation from Kentucky State University – cum laude – in 2014, Concept opened its arms to me and gave me a chance to interview for a Special Events coordinator position at the main office outside Chicago, Illinois. I was elated to earn the position and to top it off, I got to work with a bunch of my old teachers! People who not only myself, but my family knew and trusted – a very vital aspect in any relationship you have.

Thanks to Concept, I was able to gain the knowledge and a lot of technical skills that helped me transition into the position I have now. The right foundation is key to any aspect of success – HSA jump started me in the 6th grade and continued to support me all the way until I was graduated from University. How many other organizations can say the same? Go Dragons!
How are you a game changer? Or, how are you making a positive impact in the world?
I am a game changer in a multitude of ways! I am making a positive impact on the world by being focused on opportunities that will help to strengthen myself academically, professionally, mentally, holistically, etc. so that I can be VITAL to others. Because what good are we to the world if we aren’t good to ourselves?! I am making a positive impact by sharing and learning and growing with the intent on giving and teaching and learning and with everyone around me.
What is the most amazing or interesting thing that’s happened to you since graduating?
I can name so many! I am so grateful for all of my experiences… I got a full-time position at Concept the summer after I graduated, which allowed me to move to Chicago! I even got my first apartment and worked on some super cool education and academic events and conferences.
Your favorite Concept Schools memory?
One of my favorite memories was the Halloween dance when I was in the 9th or 10th grade. Haha. I remember it being super fun and we took a lot of pictures. Between that and coordinating CONSEF. CONSEF is amazing!
How do you support and participate in the Concept Alumni Network?
My main line of support was being a part of the network at the executive level. Now, I make sure to check out the updates and emails and also keep in contact with a lot of my high schools friends. The comradery is beneficial.
What is your advice for current Concept Students?
My advice would be to take advantage of this opportunity! Concept is seriously about getting the students ahead in today’s core academic competencies – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Take it from someone who didn’t even graduate that long ago – you will NEED to be competent, if not excel in at least one of these fields to be successful in today’s changing world. We are moving more and more into the technological age and you, students with Concept, have a leg up on the knowledge and the competition!

The curriculums are often unmatched in their cities and even though Concept operates over 30 k-12 schools in the Midwest, the entire network is really a family and reaching out and getting the help you need from anyone is going to be a stich. Those positive interpersonal relationships are vital! Especially when you’re talking about your personal education – you need to know that you’re getting the best possible service and Concept will help provide that for you.

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