The real test of a high school education is how it plays out afterward. CAN graduates are successful, hardworking, and are making contributions in diverse fields. Here are just a few of the many paths taken by Concept Alumni.

Alumni Spotlight
(Week of Sep 14, 2015)

Pearline N. Young

Pearline N. Young is an Alumna of Horizon Science Academy Toledo High School, Salutatorian of Class of 2013.

Briefly, describe your career path
I enjoy public speaking and using my artistic talents to present, that is only two of the things that influenced me to major in Broadcast journalism. There are so many things you can become within the Broadcast journalism field. I do not want to limit myself to just a news reporting and news anchor job, so I am currently exploring what more I can do with the degree.
What are you passionate about in your work/school?
I am passionate about being involved with clubs/organizations within my major. For example, I am a part of my college news station, TV2 as a correspondent. Also, I am a part of the radio station Black Squirrel Radio as an independent disc jockey. Those activities are fun to engage in and I meet all kinds of amazing people.
Where is your career headed?
Right now I am working on obtaining an internship for the Spring 2016 semester at a local news station.
How has your Concept Schools experience helped shape your success?
Concept Schools helped shape my success in many ways. They believed in ME! I appreciate it more with every passing year. I was introduced to many leadership opportunities that pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to believe in myself.
How are you a game changer? Or, how are you making a positive impact in your community?
I want to utilize my talents and skills by helping people in anyway I can.
What is the most amazing or interesting thing that’s happened to you since graduating?
The most amazing thing that’s happened since graduating is going to college. It’s the best feeling ever!
Your favorite Concept Schools memory?
The Ivy League and Student Ambassador trips were very fun and educational at the same time. Also, the Turkish Olympiad was amusing because I was out of my comfort zone and learned some Turkish songs. Even though I spoke broken Turkish I enjoyed every part of it. The spoken word competition gave me laughs but it taught me to never give up because I won 1st place after attempting 3 times. Lastly, my whole senior year was memorable.
How do you support and participate in the Concept Alumni?
I spread the word of the Concept Alumni Network to my peers by encouraging them to join the network.

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