The real test of a high school education is how it plays out afterward. CAN graduates are successful, hardworking, and are making contributions in diverse fields. Here are just a few of the many paths taken by Concept Alumni.

Alumni Spotlight
(Week of Aug 24, 2015)

Destiny Shull

Destiny Shull is an Alumna of Concept Schools’ Michigan Math and Science Academy and she graduated with the Class of 2015.

Briefly, describe your career path.
My career path is to attend Rochester College and to earn my degree in nursing.
What are you passionate about in your work/school?
I am passionate about work because I love the people I work with and what I do as an administrative assistant. And my school experience was great. I met a lot of friends who I would not change for, and I was valedictorian.
Where is your career headed?
I am headed to be a nurse, preferably a cardiac nurse.
How has your Concept Schools experience helped shape your success?
The Concept experience helped me progress and helped me succeed by giving me one-on-one attention, and I was challenged to do my best.
How are you a game changer? Or, how are you making a positive impact in the world?
I am a game changer by choosing a nursing major so I can help people as I do now in my office, directing people to where they need to go and helping however I can.
What is the most amazing or interesting thing that’s happened to you since graduating?
The most interesting thing that has happened to me since graduation is I landed a nice job and enrolled at Rochester College.
Your favorite Concept Schools memory?
My favorite Concept Schools memory is when we won the championship for basketball in my sophomore year going undefeated.
How do you support and participate in the Concept Alumni Network?
I go and participate in schools activities and give guidance to the younger kids and help them find a way to succeed.

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